Everyone read....this is sad

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Everyone read....this is sad  Empty Everyone read....this is sad

Post  ponyboy on Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:25 pm

hello,for those of you who don't know my name ingame is "ponyboy". Ive recently decided to quit,althought i may play again if the owners agree to give me staff spot.I play more than anyone else,help more,advertise more,and do alot of other things.I dont know how "j" got admin after he tried to blackmail me,but that is the owners desicion,so i am going to quit. i will check in a few days if i get a response from the owner(s) about me getting staff,if not then i quit for good,and you will lose your most active player,advertiser,helper and other things i do for the server.what did "j" do to get admin? nothing compared to what i do.so once again i will check back in a few days or later on and see if i will get a staff spot,if not then i will quit for good. and btw if i do quit for good i willgive my stuff away in a "hide and seek" game and its worth over 100b so,dont miss the "hide and seek" game if i do quit.
-thanks for reading this "Ponyboy".

P.S. i will also quit because the admin "j" lied to me not once but multiple times.

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