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i wanna pk for admin Empty i wanna pk for admin

Post  I Wanna Pk on Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:35 pm

hey guys i want to go for admin and im a mod already so im trying out for admin heres my app

What are you applying for: Admin

In real life name? Adam

In game name? : i wanna pk

Email Address : umm can u pm me a message or i will if u ask me cause i dont want people to knwo it

Why do you think you DESERVE to become a moderator(for me admin)?: I think i deserve admin because i help out lots of peope and i know that lots of people respect me and i have been freinds with gorak for a very long time and he knows that ive never done anythin bad thats involved bad things. i also thing that u should give me a chance just liek i got promoted for mod. i would love to be a admin and i also think i deserver it because ive been advertising alotttt and i know that i saved the server from a massive eco thing. i banned heated zelda when he was ruining the eco-
then i also took all the bad items from hsi other accounts. this is why i think i deserve admin

How Long have u been playing Runescape / RS-PS.org?: rougly 5 6 yyears now

If you could describe yourself in ONE word, what would it be?: mind-blowing

Who inspired you to play Runescape? my friend scott aka loverboy inspired me when i was in 3rd grade

Do you have any Moderator/Administrator experience, if so say what: ive been mod on 4 servers name are - avastscape - xlitescapez - velrix - menacescape. ive been admin on 3 servers xlitescape562 purepkzrushers nanoscape and ive been owner of hax0rd - devonscapez then hidden admin on xlitescapez317

Why do you come here today to apply for admin? becaus i think i should be promoted for the staff team from mod to admin. i also know atleasts liek 7 or 6 people that thinks so too

Adam ign- i wanna pk

Thank You For Your Time, Much Appreciated.

I Wanna Pk

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