Dethya123's moderator application

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Dethya123's moderator application

Post  dethya123 on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:05 pm

Hello, i would like to apply for a forums and or regular moderator.

In real life name? : Collin Hall
In game name? : Dethya123

Email Address :

Why do you think you DESERVE to become a moderator?

Answer: I am a trustworthy eight grader i make good grades in school and strive to help others become the best at what they do. I have had little experience as a Rs-Ps moderator, but in the time i was there i advertised for about 5-6 hours a week because of school and about 8-9 hours on the weekend. I think that i would make a great induction in the DragonScapev001 (The Best rsps ever) team.

How Long have u been playing Runescape /

I have been playing for about 9-10 years now and still have alot of fun on it.

I'v played RS-PS for about a year now trying to find the perfect server that wasnt stealing the ither servers codes. Who is your best friend In Real Life and In Game?

In real life: Marcus, because hes nice and pushes me to make good grade and not to get into trouble..

In game best friend: I have to say Mayshun because i help him alot and he helps me in return.
What do you do to pass the time?

Answer: Play Runescape, advertise for Rs-ps servers that i like (Dragonscapev001)

Who inspired you to play Runescape?

Answer: my big brother's best friend.

Why do you come here today to apply for Moderator?

Answer: I want to help the Dragonscapev001 community with my keen since of cheating and scamming.

Sincerley, Dethya123 (Collin Hall)

Thank you for your time, i truley apprieciate it.


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Re: Dethya123's moderator application

Post  Рνო Jªvª on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:08 pm

wtf u copied mine!
Рνო Jªvª

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Re: Dethya123's moderator application

Post  x cookie x on Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:27 pm

ahahhahahahah Smile

x cookie x

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Re: Dethya123's moderator application

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