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Dalton for moderator! Empty Dalton for moderator!

Post  dalton on Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:48 pm

What are you applying for:Moderator

In real life name? Dalton
Email Address : dirtbike_108@hotmail.com

Why do you think you DESERVE to become a moderator? because i play alot love the people in it and i think i could be a really good help for the server for greeting people and just taking care of the server.

How Long have u been playing Runescape / RS-PS.org?: iv been playing rs for 2 years and rs-ps for about 2 months.

Who inspired you to play Runescape? my friends.

Do you have any Moderator/Administrator experience, if so say what: yes i was co-owner on my friends server a while ago

Why do you come here today to apply for Moderator? i have came here to apply for mod because if any thing were to happen i can be there in a flash and resolve an issues that happen.

Thank You For Your Time, Much Appreciated. cheers santa


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