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PonyBoy's Moderator Application Empty PonyBoy's Moderator Application

Post  ponyboy on Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:58 pm

What are you applying for:Moderator

In real life name? Matthew
Email Address : qtip9711@yahoo.com

Why do you think you DESERVE to become a moderator?:because i am dedicated,i help as much as i can,im on alot,i wouldnt abuse my powers

How Long have u been playing Runescape / RS-PS.org?:for 5 years
If you could describe yourself in ONE word, what would it be?:dedicated

Who inspired you to play Runescape?myself

Do you have any Moderator/Administrator experience, if so say what:yes i was a mod on another server only on 1 other server

Why do you come here today to apply for Moderator?because i like to help ouut,im very dedicated,im on alot so i can help people and make sure nothing bad happens,i wouldnt abuse my powers,im nice.

Thank You For Your Time, Much Appreciated.

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