x cookie x's moderator/administrator application

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x cookie x's moderator/administrator application Empty x cookie x's moderator/administrator application

Post  x cookie x on Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:28 pm

Hey guys, i would like to apply for moderator/administrator

my name in real life? : alec allen

ingame name? : x cookie x

email address? : alecallen2000@hotmail.com

why do you think you deserve to become mod/admin?

i am a straight a student, I've been playing this server for a while now,
I know almost all the staff, and have talked to all of them. I help all
new players, and even advertise. I am very trustworthy, and im in 8th
grade, at the age of 14. I really love this server, and I even think it's better
then all the other's on rs-ps.org, etc.

how long have you been playing runescape and or rs-ps.org? :

I have been playing runescape sine 2006. I joined rs-ps.org when it released
in 2009. I shall continue to play rs-ps.org for 2-3 more years, then I'll probably
have to go to college.

what do you do for fun? :

I play runescape or rs-ps.org. I play soccer and football. In the summer, i go
swimming in my pool.

Who inspired you to play runescape? :

my big brother showed me runescape in 2006. I continue to play it (on my lvl 117)
but he has quit to go to college.

Why have you come to apply for mod/admin today? :

I have a lot of spare time. I enjoy helping, and I love

Have you ever had staff experience? :

Yes! I have been mod on.. I don't know i haven't been counting.
I have been admin on about 10-15 servers. I even have co-owner
experience! You guys can relie on me!!!

x cookie x (aka Alec allen)

thank you for your time, MUCH appreciated.

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x cookie x

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x cookie x's moderator/administrator application Empty Re: x cookie x's moderator/administrator application

Post  Guardians on Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:37 pm

Has been made Forum Moderator due to request, this application is now closed and no longer required.

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